Deliver Weekly Family Meals

I'm looking for someone that is a great cook and that would like to earn extra money.
We have a family of 5 (husband, wife, & 3 kids ages 10 , 5 , 3). We are extremely busy and tired of not having good home cooked meals to share as a family.
I would love to find someone that can prepare 3 meals a week and deliver them to our house once a week. We can decide on an amount to pay and stick with that amount once a week.
It would be great if we could have a choice of what you know what to cook and we can email you what we would like prepared for the following week.
Great Cook!
Hopefully live in West Jordan since that is where we live. In the 84088 zip code.
Contact: Ross
Email: jimross7711@gmail.com
Please Email Me Directly. Give me your contact info and I will follow up with you.

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.